Mondays, amiright?

Well, Monday sure started in prime fashion.

Poured hot tea on my hand while trying to fill my travel container. Then forgot to tighten the lid on said container, and managed to spill a bunch more on me and the kitchen counter.

And, of course, today is back-to-work after a nice two-and-a-half-week holiday break, so that’s certainly a joyous cause for waking up a couple of hours earlier than the schedule to which I’ve grown accustomed.

On the positive side, the tea that actually remained in the container was (still is, as I’m typing this) delish. So happy to have discovered Lakanto monk fruit blend sweetener through Thomas Delauer’s videos. It (the Lakanto, not Thomas) is the first non-sugar sweetener I’ve found that I can tolerate. I’d even go so far as to say I like the taste, at least in my morning chai. It’s a blend of monk fruit and erythritol, substitutes one-for-one with sugar, and has no aftertaste that I can detect.

Also on the positive end of things, the remainder of breakfast (some leftover chicken, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and cauliflower rice) also was good groceries and hit the spot to kick off this latest keto-ish eating plan.

I’ve done pretty well for the last couple of weeks in dealing with my Achilles’ heel of sody pops. Haven’t had a Mountain Dew or Pepsi since mid-December (although I did have a couple of cans of ginger ale and got a lemonade at a fast food drive-through). I think my best bet is to just lay off carbonated beverages entirely. I like the concept of Zevia, but can’t stand the aftertaste of stevia. And I picked up some new-to-me Wave sodas, which are marginally better than stevia-sweetened drinks, but still not what I would call “good” in taste. So I think I’ll generally stick with my chai in the morning and then just go for water or maybe some unsweetened almond milk the rest of the day.

To Infinity and Beyond

We begin our journey anew.

What’s the old saying? If, at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try again.

So as we begin the Year of Our Lord, 2021, we try again.

Our starting point: not so good. Our target: not so bad.

(Photo: Letterkenny, Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday episode, from Hulu.)

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